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Svetlana Evdokimova's Podcast
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Category: Language Courses
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May 16, 2013 08:50 AM PDT
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В рамках обучения методики развития аудикативных умений на основе podcast и audacity, которое я прохожу на образовательном сайте www.tea4er.ru, познакомилась с современными программами и способами использования их для подготовки учащихся к аудированию при сдаче ГИА и ЕГЭ. Подкасты дают возможность подойти к организации такого вида работы как аудирование по-новому. Осваивая podcast я старалась изучить все возможности, предоставляемые этой программой. Программа audacity оказалась простой и понятной. Данная методика понравилась возможностями для самостоятельного составления заданий учителем. Она служит для повышения качества аудирования на иностранном языке, а также для развития аудитивных умений.

May 16, 2013 07:37 AM PDT
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Проверь свои навыки и умения слушать аудиозаписи.
Выполни задания в формате ГИА и проверь свои ответы используя ссылки.
1) Задание В1 относятся к базовому уровню сложности и направлены на понимание основного содержания прослушанного текста.

2) Задание В2 на понимание в прослушанном тексте запрашиваемой информации и на установление соответствий между высказываниями каждого говорящего. В заданиях выберите букву предложения (А,В,С), соответствующую выбранному вами ответа.

3)Вы услышите что люди говорят в различных ситуациях. В заданиях А10– А15 выберите букву предложения (А,В,С), соответствующую выбранному вами ответу.

May 04, 2013 12:14 PM PDT

Hobbies, Pastime and Leisure Activities in Britain

May 04, 2013 12:07 PM PDT


Answer the questions!
1. Why do people travel?
2. Why do people take a camera with them?
3. What do we see and learn while travelling?
4. How do different people spend their holidays?
5. What means of travel do you know?

May 03, 2013 12:40 PM PDT
April 30, 2013 12:20 PM PDT

Подготовка к сдаче раздела "Аудирование" ГИА и ЕГЭ.

При подготовке Вам поможет "Podcast"

Что такое социальный сервис «Podcast»? Podcast является видом социального сервиса, который позволяет прослушивать, просматривать, создавать и распространять аудио- и видеопередачи в сети Интернет. Подкаст - отдельные файлы либо регулярно обновляемая серия ресурсов в Интернете Работать с контентом данного сервиса можно в любое удобное для пользователя время и в любом месте. Всё, что необходимо, - это скачать выбранный файл на свой компьютер. Вы можете как прослушивать, так и просматривать подкасты, а также создавать свои собственные по любой тематике, любой длительности и качества. Наиболее удобный способ воспользоваться podcast – директорияwww.podomatic.com, где содержатся и аутентичные подкасты, и созданные для учебных целей. На странице директории возможно работать с различными категориями, доступными для скачивания.

April 30, 2013 11:36 AM PDT

Listen to what people say in 7 different situations and for questions 1-7, choose the answer (А, В, С) which fits best according to the text.
1. You will hear a man talking about shopping. What is his attitude to it?
A. Shopping is his favourite pastime.
B. He is fond of doing the shopping with his wife.
C. He is sure that shopping is a terrible waste of time.
My wife is fond of shopping. It is her favourite pastime. She can spend hours looking for something she doesn't actually need. But I hate shopping and never spend much time on it. I prefer to buy food in the nearest supermarket. When I need new clothes, I usually take the first thing that falls into my hands. I never go shopping with my wife. Sometimes she shops all day and she doesn't buy anything. This seems mad!

2. You will hear a woman describing her last visit to the theatre. How does she feel about it?
A. disappointed
B. excited
C. surprised
I can't say I'm a real theatre-goer, but last week my colleagues and I went to the theatre to see "Hamlet". The tickets were rather expensive, but the play was worth seeing! The actors' performance was wonderful and I couldn't help crying. I also admired the costumes and the scenery. When the play was over, I clapped my hands hard. It produced an unforget¬table impression on me.

3. You will hear a man talking about anger. In his opinion, trying to cope with this feeling is________
A. difficult
B. easy
C. useless
Sometimes I can't conceal my emotions. I can easily lose my temper and fly into a rage. I don't know how to cope with anger and my relatives and friends often suffer from it. When I'm angry, I can easily say something offensive and hurt their feelings. And a bit later I feel sorry and want to apologize. I tried to count till 10 or to start reciting a poem silently, but it doesn't help.

4. You will hear a man talking about films. What does he think about silent films?
A. He thinks that silent films were skillfully made and contained a lot of special effects.
B. He is sure that nobody understood silent films.
C. He is disappointed that silent films have disappeared.
The era of the talking film began in 1927 with the enormous success of Warner Brothers' "The Jazz Singer". The first colour films were made in the 1930s and the silent film soon disappeared. Nowadays films are skillfully made and contain a lot of special effects. Besides, they have become easily accessible, but they have also lost something. Silent films were understandable to everybody without any words. They were like a universal language and they united people of all nationalities. But now films have to be translated into dif¬ferent languages and dubbed. They make our imagination work no more.

5. You will hear a woman talking about online communication. She finds it________
A. convenient
B. dangerous
C. boring
Nowadays a lot of people prefer to communicate via the Internet. They use e-mail to stay in touch with their colleagues, relatives and friends worldwide. Internet "chat" gives them the opportunity to communicate when working at their computers during the day. Internet forums have become so popular because it is easier for some people not to see their inter¬locutor. Meeting people online is especially popular with those who are shy and unsocia¬ble, that's why Internet dating is growing in popularity.

6. You will hear a woman talking about etiquette. How does she feel about it?
A. She is sure that the rules of etiquette are useless nowadays and we should forget them.
B. She believes that everybody must follow the rules of etiquette.
C. She thinks that well-bred and polite people have problems with communication.
Unfortunately, many people have problems with communication nowadays. They have forgotten that there are certain rules of behaviour which must be followed by everybody. People should behave properly in different situations. It is very important to be well-bred and polite because such a person always produces a good impression. If you know the principles of etiquette, everybody will respect you.

7. You will hear a girl talking about music. How does she feel about it?
A. She believes that classical music is not popular any more.
B. She likes loud and noisy music such as rap, rock and heavy metal.
C. She thinks that classical music has a positive influence on her.
Many of my friends say that classical music is not popular any more, but I can't agree with them. I think that it is pleasant to listen to. I don't like rap, rock and heavy metal because such music is loud and noisy. I'm sure that music should promote only positive feelings. Classical music helps me relax and fills me with energy. While listening to it I close my eyes and create beautiful pictures in my mind.

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